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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Basic Foundations Class: Assignment one!

This assignment was pretty basic but challenging in its own ways. I've been reading Walt Stanchfield's "Drawn to Life" books, which cover figure drawing and how animators should handle practice drawing from a live model.

The book presents a lot of new ways of looking at how to draw from life and interpret it so it applies to an animator's work.

I've always been a very staunch advocate of drawing straight from the model. I never thought that using the model and interpreting him or her in a creative way could benefit my work. So I tried this method, in conjunction with drawing with my left hand (working with your non-dominant hand really loosens you up!) and I got some pretty interesting results!

  My first sheet.... (I chose to work with 15& 17)

My second sheet (I chose to work with 31)

And my Stu Pose sheet! I've chosen the middle one to be evaluated....

I can't wait for feedback from my mentor. I really want to know if I'm missing something and how I can improve my basic posing skills.

Monday, July 2, 2012

First Class of Basic Animation!

This class was more of a meet and greet. I'm very excited to chill and learn with my new mentor and classmates!!

My Mentor:
Mathew Rees ( . Mathew is a Senior Animator at Aardman Animations. Pretty cool, right? I know! Check out the pieces he has up on his blogs!

Also check out some of my classmate's blogs:

Lucas Degani:
Stan Paillereau:
Si-Qi Ho:
Forrest Keyes:

Next class is bumped up to tomorrow! :D